Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby #4

Here we go! I took the test this morning, despite many attempts of others to have me take it last night. It was positive!! Two pink lines, wow, I can't believe it. It seems so strange, we're very excited to be heading down this road again. I told Hailey today, and she was very excited as well, I don't think she can understand the time concept and how long it will take. So for the next little while probably, I'll be asked every day when the baby will come. That's ok, I'm so excited to be able to share this with her. She's old enough now to really understand, and it will be fun to let her feel my belly when the baby starts to move. I still can't believe it!! Since January I've been tracking my cycles, it will be odd to not have to do that anymore, I've also been taking my temperature every morning with a basal body thermometer every morning since then too. It will be weird to be done with all of that. I've very excited to find out what we're having, if it's a boy we'll name him Joseph David and call him JD. If it's a girl (I haven't talked this over with Randy so this may not be the name but I like it) I think we'll name her Madelyn Sierra and we could call her Maddi I really like that name. Anyway, I'm sorry to keep going on about this, I'm just very excited.

In other news, Hailey is starting afternoon kindergarten on Monday. I was really hoping that she would have morning kindergarten, but oh well. I'll definitely be getting my exercise in! It will probably turn out to be a very good thing. She is very excited! Every day she asks how many days until she goes to school. My little girl is growing up! We're also approaching Zoe's second birthday, I can't believe my baby will be two!! It's crazy how fast time flies! It's so fun to listen to her talk, especially when she's playing with her friend Eva, they talk to each othe rin their own little language. It so cute!! Well, I think that's all I'm going to write for today, I think I'll take the girls on a walk to see how long it takes to walk to Hailey's school so I'm ready for Monday! Until next time, have fun!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A long time again!

Wow, it's been a very long time since I've written, again. I just don't feel like I have much to write about, and I don't really know if people read this blog or not. Well, I know some of you do, so thanks!! Hailey starts Kindergarten on Monday, it's pretty crazy, we asked for morning kindergarten but she got afternoon, which is going to stink. We only have one vehicle right now so I'm going to be walking to pick her up everyday and two days out of the week I'll have to walk her to school as well. Thankfully Virginia is just a couple of doors down so when it gets cold or it's rainy I can leave the other two kids with her. The other thing that will make it not much fun is that hopefully I'll be pregnant also, but at least it will get me doing some exercise, it probably will turn out to be a really good thing. So I should know by Saturday morning if I'm pregnant or not, I don't really think I am, but then all this week I have felt sick to my stomach at LEAST once every day. My brain is also extremely useless which, lets face it it's been that way for a while now. So yeah, I really wish it was Sunday and this week was over, Randy's been working a lot this week to get his stupid extra hours in! I hate this stupid program he's on! He'll be working from about 11 tomorrow morning until 9, and then on Saturday from 9:45 until 9 that night. I HATE it!!! Oh well, it's almost over!

On another note, Randy's mom is getting married on the 19th of October and I finally found my dress, I'm so EXCITED!! It's gorgeous, I feel bad though because it cost quite a bit but she told me the slide show better be a darn good one!! So, I am going to do my very best! I also have way cute shoes to wear too. I'm happy for my mother-in-law, I hope that it is as good as it seems. So not much else is going on around here, Zoe continues growing and changing at alarming rates. She's talking more now, and it's a lot of fun to hear her trying to imitate what we say. Every liquid drink is water, it's very cute to listen to her say it.

We taught Hailey how to open Rosie's cage so she can get her out and hold her all on her own. This is both a good thing and a bad thing, she holds her like a poor cat. It's good because Rosie is getting the attention she needs, but at the same time she's getting a little too much attention! We also got a new female guinea pig name Mya, she's not the same kind as Rosie, but she's adorable. It's amazing to me how different they are personality wise, it's easy to see the Lord's hand in all things when even guinea pigs are different! I think they'll enjoy having each other for company, as soon as they get used to each other. Anyway, I don't think this blog makes much sense, I kind of skipped around a lot topic wise. I guess that's just the way my brain works, well, that's what has been going on. I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun posts to do soon, with Hailey starting school. She's very excited! Every day she asks, how many days until I go to school? I'm glad she's excited! We get to meet with her teacher on Tuesday to go over the results from the testing they did with her. I'm excited to see if she's ahead, right where she's supposed to be, or behind. Ok, so I wouldn't be excited to find out she's behind, but I am excited to go over the results. Well, for now, I'll talk at ya later!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Ok people, this is really ridiculous, but I am terrified to send Hailey to Kindergarten. I don't know why. We finally registered her yesterday and last night I was looking through the papers that they gave us and it seriously made me want to cry. I almost felt sick to my stomach. I don't know why I have so much anxiety over sending her to school. I know she'll absolutely LOVE it!! She loves being around kids and I think she really enjoys learning. It just scares me to send her to that big huge building. I also remember grade school and kids can be so mean! If I really think about it though, school wasn't that bad for me, but sometimes kids were just so mean. I have no idea why I'm so nervous, I don't really worry about anything serious happening to her and if it did, I know with proper actions Hailey would be just fine. We all went through school and somehow we managed to make it out alive. Maybe it's just a fear of the unknown, and once she goes it will be just fine. I have no idea what it is. Randy isn't freaked out at all, in some ways I wish I could be like him. I think I go a little overboard with protectiveness though. Randy plans on just dropping her off outside the door and letting her find her own way in to her class (after the first week and she knows where it is) me on the other hand? I'll probably walk her to her class all the time! I worry about her getting lost and stuff, I know she won't, but it scares me. If I had it my way I'd go with her to school and watch over her all the time. I know that's ridiculous and that her teacher will be there the entire time. She'll be fine, and so will I! I'm just freaking out. Hopefully I'm not alone, but knowing me I probably am. Oh well. I'm sure she'll be fine. Here's to the first year of Kindergarten!