Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day

~I wrote this the day before Father's Day because I knew the actual day would be busy. I am not posting it however until tomorrow.~

I have been looking forward to Father's Day now for about two weeks! Well, ok, so it might be closer to a month. I am giving Randy the BEST Father's Day gift ever! Well, at least I think it is. I had my brother-in-law record Hailey singing some songs, and I also sang too. We made a CD for Randy. It is the cutest thing ever!! I also bought him the Indiana Jones Trilogy, and I will be sending him on a Treasure Hunt where he will be finding all of these gifts. I love doing things like this for Randy, it's so much fun! I want to give a shout out to all the Father's I know, especially mine, I love you Dad!! I also want to say how much I love my Father-in-law, it's been five years tomorrow that he passed away.

This year has been kind of cool, it's kind of a repeat of the year we got married. We were married on a Friday and our anniversary this year was on a Friday. My Father-in-law passed away on Father's Day 2003 which happened to be June 15th. So tomorrow is kind of a special Father's Day, because it is exactly the day that Paul (my Father-in-law) passed away. He was such an amazing man, and I still look up to him in a lot of ways!

So here's to all of the Father's in my life and any looking at this blog~

And to the special Father in our lives, Randy:

I love you very much Randy!! I hope you had the best Father's Day EVER!!!!

Parade Season

It is definately summer, we went to our first parade today, in Springville. It was so much fun, I love parades, and it gets funner the older our kids get (I'm sure this will go on until our kids no longer like parades). Zoe even enjoyed herself, Randy held her the whole time and she would squeal every now and then. She has started making the cutest noises, I love it!! Hailey absolutely loved the "Princesses" (city royalty) and she even got to talk to some. There was a particular royalty, I'm not sure which one but I was guessing it was Springville Royalty, that was waiting at the end of the parade (which was where we were sitting) handing out flowers to the other royalty's. Hailey walked over to them and talked to them for a minute. It was cute to watch her, she is so friendly, everywhere we go she makes a new friend. I love it! So I wanted to post a few pictures and a video that we took. It was a lot of fun!

We also gave Zoe a taste of an Otter Pop, this is the face she gave us:

She only liked it for a couple of seconds, and then she would turn her head and make a face. It was so cute!! After about the third time she wouldn't even let us put it in her mouth.

I am so excited for Summer, I love going to parades, having picnics, barbeques, fireworks, it's just SO much fun!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rainy Day

It's kind of nice to have a rainy day every once in a while, especially when it doesn't snow as well! The only problem with this rainy day is that it's the first rainy day after a nice day, and it's hard on the kids. The rain is also good today because we finally replanted the strip in our yard that was from fixing the main water pipe to the house about two and a half years ago. So finally we will have the whole front yard full of green grass. And hopefully we will be able to plant a little flower garden up by the house, I've wanted to try a flower garden for a long time now. We'll see if I'll be able to handle it. If anyone knows how to start and up keep a flower garden, give me any tips and advice you can give me.

I also wanted to share a video of Zoe, we put a toy on her foot the other day and she couldn't figure it out, but it's pretty cute to watch her kick her legs and shake her arms. I'm lying in bed next to her, I had had a migraine earlier in the day and I was still relaxing in bed. So don't mind me, anyway, here it is!!

What a little cutie pie!! I just love that little girl, it's amazing how fast they grow up! She has started to become really fun. Lately she has started pushing up on her knees a little and then she uses her toes to push herself forward a little. It's a little scary to see her start to get ready to crawl, I don't think I'm quite ready for another one that's mobile! I just hope the older two don't smash her or run her over.