Monday, November 30, 2009


This is Katie on her birthday, I think she likes being the center of attention
These are some of the gifts that Katie got, we let Zoe model them too
Katie got a tea set, and they decided they wanted a tea party with cookies and gummy treats
Here's Katie will all her birthday jewelry on. She's such a cute kid
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Here's Hailey modeling all her jewelry, they all looked so cute!
Here's all of the girls, Zoe doesn't look very happy
Here is the snowman Hailey made, Virginia helped with the face and the crown.
Here they all are with the snowman
Katie bundled up for the cold weather, they sure love the snow!
Here's Zoe, I love her grin.
This was sometime this fall, she looked so cute, I had to take a picture
Zoe was a "fierce" lion, I love this shot because you can't see her face.
Again, our "fierce" lion! I love the binky!
Here's Katie, she wanted to be a ghost just like Hailey
Hailey climbed up in Virginia's trunk when she was done. She was content to eat and pass out candy
I love how photogenic this girl is. This was sometime this fall, Randy raked the leaves so they could play in them.
Here are all three playing
Hailey, Zoe and Eva. They had so much fun!
She is so stinkin' cute!! I really wish I was this photogenic!

Still here

Wow, it's been so long since I've been able to post anything. We haven't had a computer for a couple of weeks now. Our desktop just decided to not turn on, and the cord for our laptop isn't working so it doesn't charge the laptop. So we've only had our Ipods, which wouldn't be fun to write a post on, so it's been kind of sad. Anyway, but we're still here, we're all doing well. Hailey is loving school and the boys there. Katie turns four tomorrow, we had her birthday party yesterday, it was a lot of fun. Zoe is cute and a stinker at the same time, she must be in the terrible two stage. I have learned so much through Zoe, I am so thankful to have her in our family. We've been talking a lot about the gender of this baby that's coming, and I am so grateful for the lessons I've learned from Zoe. I don't know how many know this, but when I was pregnant with Zoe I thought for sure I was having a boy, and when I found out it was a girl I had a hard time with it. I felt disappointed, and upset, and I was irrational. Then a week later once I picked out her name then I got excited. I have learned that Heavenly Father knows what he is doing. I love my little Zoe SOOO much!! I can't imagine life without her, I'm grateful for the opportunity I've had to go through this experience. If we have another little girl I am going to be so excited!! I seriously am excited for whatever we have, of course I'm hoping for a boy but it won't matter one bit if it's not! I love my kids so much, they all have a part in our family that is irreplaceable!! So I have a TON of pictures I've wanted to post, we have some fun times here. One major thing that has happened that I'm REALLY excited about, we gave our guinea pigs to a good family! Yeah!!!! I don't have to take care of them anymore! They were a lot of fun, but more work than I could handle right now. It sounds like they're going to a good family. Little Hailey was quite upset when she got home and I told her, but we are getting her a stuffed hamster that comes with a carrying case, and she's just fine now! I am so glad to have them go to a good home, where they'll play with them and give them attention.

More news, I have my ultrasound on December 22nd, but we're going to ask the technician who does it to put the picture of the gender in an envelope and then we'll open it on Christmas morning. I'm really excited! I think it will be a ton of fun to find out what the baby is with the girls sitting there. So we'll see, I think it will be fun!! Well, I'm going to put an entire post on here with pictures, I hope enjoy!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So, Halloween turned out great this year, we went to two trunk-or-treats and then we went and visited my grandma. When we returned home my family and some friends were here and we partied for awhile. It was a lot of fun, at first I was a little worried about how Zoe would react to all the costumes. When Hailey and Katie got in their costume and we painted their face Zoe was genuinely scared of them! They couldn't come near her, it was kind of funny but frustrating at the same time. Thankfully we went with our good friend Virginia and her daughter so she took Hailey and Katie in her car. By the time we got to the first trunk or treat Zoe was finally ok with them. She was so cute saying trick or treat and then thank you. All the girls did well, Hailey was so independent it kind of drove me nuts because we had to keep calling her back and she'd get frustrated that we were going so slow. We went to a trunk or treat in Woodland hills (Virginia's in-laws live up there and invited us to go) there was a guy there who was dressed up and when Katie went up to him either he made a noise or something in his car did, but it scared Katie really bad. She dropped her candy bag, screamed and ran behind Randy. She didn't seem to care about her candy bag, she just knew she didn't want to be by him. It was HILARIOUS!! They had a lot of fun, unfortunately now they have a lot of candy. We only let them have a little bit at a time, but MAN!!! It doesn't take much sugar in their blood stream (especially Hailey) to give them a TON more energy. I'll tell ya, I'm ready to sell them for a few days! Of course, I could never do that, because even though sometimes I'm ready to, I love them, and they are cute! Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures from Halloween soon, I have to install the program on the laptop because our desk top isn't working right now. Well, until then, enjoy!!