Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Husband tag

So I was tagged by my friend Heather, sorry it's taken me so long Heather, I promise I didn't forget about ya!!
And here he is, the love of my life, my best friend!!

~What is your husband's full name? Randy Todd David Grimes
~How long have you been married? 5 years 6 almost 7 months
~How long did you date? 5 months
~How old is he? 27
~Who eats more sweets? Probably me
~Who said "I love you" first? I honestly don't remember, is that sad or just pathetic?
~Who is taller? Randy by about 7 inches :0)
~Who can sing the best? Me
~Who is smarter? It depends on the subject, there are some things I know more about, and others he knows more about. So I'd say about the same.
~Who does the laundry? Me, but Randy will put in a load here and there for me, and he would help me fold the laundry if I wasn't so picky.
~Who pays the bills? Me, but Randy supplies the moula! (Thanks hon!)
~Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? It depends on the angle you're looking from. If you're standing in front of the bed then I'm on the right, but if you're lying down I'm on Randy's left and he's on my right. Confusing enough yet?
~Who mows the lawn? Probably our landlords, we're not for sure. Previously it was Randy, but I LOVED mowing it when he let me. (We had a riding lawnmower)
~Who cooks dinner? Me
~Who drives? Most of the time Randy, but there are times when I do.
~Who kissed who first? Randy, and it wasn't that great for him, because I had no idea it was coming.
~Who asked who out first? Well technically LeeAnn (my sister-in-law) asked first, she set us up and actually kind of set up the first three times we did something. But after that, it might have been me, I'm not sure.
~Who wears the pants? Well we both wear pants :0) I would say it's a mutual thing.
I tag McKenna and Samantha

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Long time again

So, things have been a little crazy! I've wanted to put up pictures from Halloween and such but our computer hasn't been reading our SD card lately, actually it doesn't even register that it's there, so I haven't been able to get the pictures on to our computer which has given me an excuse not to blog. But that's gone now, I was able to get the pictures on our computer today, so brace yourself there's a lot of cute pictures I want to share. First I'll share our Halloween pictures. Hailey was a witch, Katie was a Lion and Zoe was a pumpkin.

Halloween wasn't as fun this year because we ended up being in Elk Ridge all night because we had renters moving in on the 1st so we had to get things ready. On top of all that Randy threw out his back that night as well so getting things done took a lot longer than it should have. It was a lot of fun to dress the girls up though, I put make up on the girls which wasn't too bad on Hailey, but Katie was a killer!! She was not much fun to try to get to stay still. They looked so grown up!! It was kind of scary though, I got a small glimpse of the future. A lot has been going on here, the girls are getting bigger all the time, but especially Zoe, she has grown so much in such the past month! I attribute it to her being on cow's milk, and I'm getting braver in what I feed her. She has learned to crawl up the stairs and makes it all the way up, but it makes me nervous because I'm afraid she'll try to get back down and tumble her way down. Oh well, what do you do huh? I'm also ECSTATIC because we got a guinea pig!!! I have wanted one now for quite a while and I was finally able to get one. A family in our old ward was giving a few away so I nabbed one for us and one for my mother-in-law, we took the two babies. Ours is a girl, her name is Rosie and my mother-in-law took the boy. Weslie named him Joey, they are SOOOOOOO cute!! Here is Rosie with Joey, Joey is the one with the white strip on his nose.
I'll tell ya, we've got quite the array of pets, in our house we have a male beta fish named Zipper, we have a female tarantula Shiloh, and now a female guinea pig Rosie. Then my mom and sister have birds (my mom has one, Gina has two) and my sister-in-law has a snake. That's quite the collection!! I think my Rosie is simply adorable!!