Saturday, September 24, 2011


So, I updated the pictures and the look of my blog so I decided that I should also give a little update blog as well. Things are going well here, Randy is loving his job and the girls love school. I love being at home (most days) and spending some time with just Zoe and JD. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy having a little boy here? Oh my goodness he is a cute little bug!! I love my kids, even on the days where I've had enough of their "I don't need to listen to you" attitude I still love them. They are beautiful and smart kids, I'm constantly amazed with Hailey and how smart she is. I love the things they say and I'm so grateful for their forgiveness when I make mistakes. There will be more of an update, with pictures, but right now I have to go get Zoe dressed so we don't have a little naked girl running around the house!