Friday, October 7, 2011

Our little princess Zoe

I can't believe my little Zoe is almost four years old. It's crazy how fast the time flies! She still seems like such a baby to me, I really need to see and treat her as a big girl now. She is definitely our little princess and sometimes changes her outfits three or four times a day. She is also a little instigator, she likes to pester her siblings, especially her little brother. I wish she understood that his screaming isn't a good thing, even though she obviously finds it funny because she's usually giggling. She says some of the funniest things and is pretty good at making us all laugh. I love her prayers and she loves to say them. She takes things a little too seriously sometimes, like when we play the wii and she wants her mii to show up or be put in the right barrel and if it doesn't happen she'll cry. She loves to give hugs and she usually makes them long ones. When she wakes up at night she'll come in and ask if she can sleep with us for a little while. One time she came in and fell asleep in bed with me, when I finally picked her up to move her back to her own bed she asked "has it been 10 minutes?". I am SO glad that this little angel is in our family, I love her very much! I hope you have a great birthday and another great year Zoe!! We love you very much!! Happy birthday on Wednesday my little zower mower!!