Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I quit!

Sometimes, I really wish I could say those words and magically all my cares and worries would disappear. This morning I woke up to a mad house and I wanted so badly to just go back to sleep and have it all go away. Oh well, we don't always get those wishes do we. It's a day, things here have been a little rough lately, but I have hope for the future, it looks brighter than the past. I'm hoping JD will start to calm down even more, and as soon as Zoe can get past this terrible two stage things will get a little easier. I must throw in here, I do love my kids, they're a huge blessing in my life. I just have my moments, but then again, doesn't everyone? Well, I don't have much to say, life is just going, I'll try to post some pics soon. There is one funny story I can share, like all the other moms out there (hopefully this happens to you) I've been losing a lot of hair since I've had JD and I just roll them in to balls and stick them on the side of the tub until I'm done showering. I'm supposed to throw them away when I'm done, but like a lot of other things it doesn't get done. So we were in the bathroom the other day and Hailey said what's all this hair in the bathtub? And I told her it was mine. Then she asked, "Are you going to be a bald grandma?" I just started laughing. What a funny kid. In other news, Hailey will start 1st grade on August 24th, I can't believe she'll be in school all day long. It kind of scares me, Katie will also go to Preschool this year, that's just weird as well. I'll have two kids in school. It's kind of scary how fast they grow up, one minute they're little babies, and the next they're going off to college! I really like the song that talks about how life goes by fast, it says don't blink, in fact that might even be the title, I'm not sure. Then there's the song You're Gonna Miss This, I really like that one too. They're all so true! I just have to remember that one day I will miss this stage, sometimes it makes it a bit easier to deal with everything. Well, anyway, I think I'll finish this up now and go get something done. Until next time, be safe!!