Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bon Fire

Ok, so I must admit, I am a pyro!! I love fires! April was a burn month for Elk Ridge, so we were able to burn certain types of things. Well, we still had our christmas tree and some shrubs that we pulled out of our front yard last year. So we decided to burn those the other day. I wanted to share a couple of videos of our bon fire!! The first one is one of the shrubs, the next one is our Christmas tree, notice the difference in how fast they burn.

Here goes our Christmas Tree!!

We also decided to have tinfoil dinners, we used so much tinfoil!! We made a dinner for Randy, me, my sister-in-law LeeAnn, and Weslie, and both Hailey and Katie. We took pictures of our tinfoil mountain, this is all the tinfoil we used!

It was so much fun!! I wish we could do this more often, I guess that's what camping is for. So anyway, we had a blast with our little bon fire, I wish more people could have come. Oh well, maybe the next time we are allowed to burn stuff people will come!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Goodbye Miracle Swing!

We had to say goodbye to a very dear friend of ours Tuesday. Our little miracle swings motor ran out, the mobile works, but not the swing. We were very sad, thankfully we added a new member to our family, our new swing, although this one plugs into the wall (THANK HEAVEN!!) The mobile isn't quite as good as the old swing. Here is our miracle swing:

Ok, for those of you that don't know, Katie was an extremely fussy baby, honestly I don't know how she survived the first three months of life. Anyway, she really like to swing from side to side, so we finally decided to try this swing that is able to swing front to back and side to side. While Randy was putting it together he kept saying that he didn't know that it would work, I told him it was worth a try. So he finally got the swing put together and after getting Katie settled in we sat down to eat. She was a little fussy, but five minutes later we both noticed that it was quiet. We looked over and she was asleep, and you could hear the Angels singing "Ahhhh" and a beam shone down from Heaven on that swing. This was the keeper of my sanity, had it not been for this swing, I don't know how I would have survived some of her first three months. Hence the name Miracle Swing. Here are some of the other fun memories with this swing:
I didn't think it would be a problem to leave her unbuckled, as you can see; BIG mistake!! I heard her crying and finally decided to come and check on her, and this is what I found. Now maybe you think I'm mean, but when I find my children in funny positions like this I can't help but take pictures. I have a couple of funny ones with Hailey I'll have to post on here some time.
And this is a side view, as you can see she's not very happy! Look at those cute cheeks! She was such a cute baby!

Anyway, but we did welcome a new swing into our family, because these kinds of swings are not wants in our household, they are NEEDS. They keep me sane, and let's face it, I'm close enough to being insane and if I go insane, there goes the rest of the house!! So I would like to give this small ode to the swing:

Oh wonderful swing of blue and white
with your soft sounds and wonderous light.
You filled our home with hope and joy
cause Katie's cries you did deploy.
Without you there's chance
at the Loony Bin I'd dance
Singing a crazy tune
While sinking to my doom!
So thank you, thank you! I shout
for keeping the insanity out!

Ok so I'm not a poet, but I got a kick out of this. Anyway, there is hope of resurrection, if any of you find a swing like this at DI or a yard sale, we can fix it. So if you find one, let me know! Well, I hope you enjoyed this crazy little post!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sick and Tired!!

Ok, so I am sick and tired of the weather. Is anyone else? Just when I think Spring is finally here and the weather starts to turn SNOWS!! I love snow, I love winter until we reach March and April, and then I just get sick of it!! I want spring to be here, I could stand rain, but not snow. I just can't wait until Spring, I'm getting a little cabin fever, and I'm running out of winter clothes for Zoe. She's longer than any of the other two girls were. Oh well, it will arrive soon.

So I wanted to thank everyone for my birthday, it was a great day! I especially want to thank my friend Annie, your gift meant the most to me because it showed that you honestly do know me. You remember all the little stuff that makes a person feeled loved, so thanks!! Unfortunately it has opened a flood gate for me. She gave me the book "Traitor" which is an LDS romance, and for those of you that really know me I LOVE these books. The problem is that I haven't read books for a long time, and LDS romance even longer and this book whet my appetite and I have been reading non-stop since I read that book. I have been re-reading my collection and can't seem to stop. So needless to say I have been slacking off on my job (which is a full-time mother, housekeeper, chauffer, cook, you get the idea). How does one gain the self control to put a book down? If anyone has any tips for me that would be great!

More news from the Grimes home, Zoe is cutting her first tooth, I've been wondering for a while now if there's been one, because she had a white spot on her gums for around a week or more but nothing was really progressing, but about three days ago I saw the first real signs of a tooth and now you can feel it. Ok, so I started this blog a couple of days ago and now I am finishing it, but I found out today that Zoe is actually getting two teeth! Her bottom front two. I'm nervous for this, but I guess I'll just have to see how things go, I didn't nurse my other two girls so yeah, we'll see.

Hailey and Katie, oh my! Well Hailey is our little model, everytime we take her picture she does the funniest poses without being told, it's hilarious! And Katie is starting to talk more and more grown up, it's scary. Her sentences instead of being a few words, they are full on sentences, it's sad. My baby girls are growing up!

More good news, Randy got the job at RC Willey, so anyone reading this, if you have to buy any electronics go to RC Willey sometime after April 23rd!! We are very excited for this!!