Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So I don't have much to say, things are going good. Randy is very excited about his new job, he's had training for the past couple of days and he'll actually start his job next Wednesday, he can't wait! He was actually hoping he would start this week, but he's done after tomorrows training. Then the real adjustment will start, I think we're all ready for it to come though so we can start adjusting. I took Katie to the doctor this morning, I was pretty sure she had a kidney infection, however they didn't get enough urine for a culture but they had enough to do a stick test which showed that it was an infection they just don't know what kind. So they gave her an antibiotic shot and then we also started oral antibiotics that she'll take every 12 hours for ten days (or until it's gone). Poor thing has not been feeling well at all today, I really hope that she'll be better tomorrow. We went to bed at midnight last night and she came in our room 3 times between then and 3 or 3:30 when she came in our room and threw up. She had it in her hair, on her hands, her feet, our carpet, our sheet. It was awful, and it smelled SO bad, I thought she had an accident as well, but nope just throw up (sorry if that's too much information). So we had to get her in the bathtub, poor thing, it was an awful experience. After I washed her hair there were too many floaties in it so we had to drain the tub and refill it, but along with her fever she had the chills. She was shaking SO bad!! So we got her bathed and then I blow dried her hair and sent her back to bed with a bucket in case she needed to throw up again. Then when she woke up this morning she came in to my room and announced that she had to throw up, so I told her to go to the bathroom. While she threw up she also peed, so we had to clean up that mess, however, I would rather clean up a pee accident then throw up. So then the rest of the morning was filled with taking her to the doctor which was crazy! I got home at noon, and at about 1:30 I crashed on the couch while they watched The Cat in the Hat. I know that we're not supposed to use the TV as a babysitter, but I sure am glad for the option on days like today. Other than that we're all doing well here! I am so grateful that she doesn't have anything contagious that I have to worry about the other kids getting. It's been awhile since I've posted pictures here, I'll try to remedy that soon, but not tonight. I really need to go to bed as well!! So, until next time, which I'm hoping will be soon because I want Sam to also write a new post. We have a deal going on now where she'll write a new post after I do. So....get writing Sam!

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